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Stimulating sprays and gels

Looking for something extra special? Then look no further than our stimulating personal lubricants and sprays! This category includes our dual effect personal lubricants with long-lasting lubrication and stimulating additives. It also offers products for sex toy enthusiasts as well as personal lubricants and sprays for those looking for that little bit more. pjur has the right product to stimulate your senses – every time!


Delay Spray PLUS!

The delay spray for men! The topselling unique intimate care product with optimized formula. Specially designed for prolonged enjoyment for men. Selected high-grade ingredients reduce the oversensitivity of the skin.

Your benefits

•  Performance spray for men
•  Stimulating & Desensitizing effect
•  For prolonged performance!

Your Superhero

Our personal lubricant with ginkgo. This extra ingredient can increase blood circulation and can boost strength and energy levels. For those who want more.


Your benefits

•  Premium lubricant with Ginkgo
•  Ginkgo has an invigorating and stimulating effect
•  Colorless, odorless and neutral in taste

Get your prickling moments!

Prickling pearls on the skin! pjur myspray is an effective and stimulating vaginal spray. Its special formula stimulates the blood circulation in the genital area and enhances sensitivity and sexual excitement.

Your benefits

•  Intimate spray for women
•  Prickling and stimulating
•  Special formula

Extra Sensations

Developed specially for female stimulation and pleasure: exhilarating and joy enhancing, natural ginseng provides a pleasant heat effect and intensifies the feeling during sex intercourse. pjur myglide in combination with pjur myspray will provide a special tingling effect.

Your benefits

• Premium lubricant with ginseng
•  Ginseng has a warming & joy enhancing effect
•   Odorless and neutral in taste

Toys love it!

The cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of erotic items. Also suitable for alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather. Furthermore, it has been dermatologically tested and is colorless and neutral in taste.

Your benefits

•  Alcohol- and perfume-free
•  Cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of all sex toys
•  Dermatologically tested

Xtend your pleasure!

Stimulation cream. The new combination of ginkgo and ginseng extracts provides special skin care for men. Regular use and massage can benefit circulation and can have a stimulating effect. Long term skin care suitable as well for use in intimate areas.

Your benefits

•  With ginkgo & ginseng extracts
•  Regular use can benefit circulation
•  For MEN who want mored

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