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Personal lubricants for foreplay and sex

You can really spice up your love making with pjur. In this category, you’ll find our range of personal lubricants and massage gels. Each product is designed to enhance sensations during everyone’s favourite past time. Regardless of whether they’re for you alone, for couples, for the really curious or the really experienced, we want our products to enhance your love life. And that’s exactly what they do. Find out for yourself!


The Allrounder

The original. Our best-seller and one of the most popular silicone personal lubricants worldwide. Extremely efficient, offering exceptionallylong-lasting lubrication


Your benefits

•  Extra long lasting lubricant
•  A few drops suffices
•  Compatible with latex condoms

Give MORE!

Give more with the booster massage gel for men! Use the special massage cream with specially selected, high-grade ingredients for the extra to give more.

Your benefits

•  Booster massage gel for men
•  Specially selected ingredients
•  For the extra to give more!

Feel Bigger

Feel bigger with the special massage cream for men! Special massage cream with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients for the special needs of men’s skin.

Your benefits

•  Special massage cream for men
• High quality ingredients
• Enlarge your love making!

Boost your love life!

Powered by Caffeine! pjur espresso is a water-based lubricant for the immediate caffeine kick in your love life – without any flavouring and odorous substances! Pure Caffeine has a stimulating and arousing effect. The best of the coffee bean to boost your energy – not only in the daytime!

Your benefits

•  Premium lubricant with Caffeine
•  Caffeine has a stimulating, exciting and activating effect
•  Colorless, odorless and neutral in taste

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