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Personal lubricants for sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin, it’s especially important to be careful about what products you come into contact with. At pjur, we know how important it is for your skin to feel good in the intimate area especially – and how sensitive it can be. That’s why we’ve developed personal lubricants that are specifically suitable for dry and highly sensitive mucous membranes. Try it – even your sensitive intimate area can get the TLC it needs with products from pjur. 


For stressed SKIN

Water-based personal lubricant with regenerative Hyaluron for dry and stressed skin. Hyaluron has the power to bind large volumes of water and guarantee outstanding lubrication.


Your benefits

•  With regenerating and moisturising hyaluron
•  For dry and stressed skin in the genital area
•  Soft, long-lasting lubrication

The premium

Using high-quality silicone and without the use of preservatives, this product has been specially formulated for dry and highly sensitive mucous membranes – even for those with allergies. It doesn’t block pores and leaves you with silky, smooth skin.


Your benefits

•  No preservatives
•  Suitable also for highly sensitive skin/mucosa
•  Extra long-lasting lubrication

The vegan

The vegan personal lubricant in our pjur med product line, containing nothing but vegan ingredients, has been produced without the use of animal testing. It is pH-neutral and highly compatible with most skin types.

Your benefits

•  Solely vegan ingredients
•  No animal testing
 •  Protects and soothes sensitive mucosa (pH-balanced)

Feel natural

pjur®med NATURAL glide is specifically formulated for dry skin. The natural and nature-based formula with pure vegetable glycerin provides additional moisture and long-lasting lubrication. It protects and soothes dry skin. Especially suitable for sensitive mucous membranes.

Your benefits

•  Gentle moisturising
•  Protects sensitive skin/mucosa
•  Ideal for daily use

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